Meet Gina:

Gina works as a caregiver, but she would love to make some extra money.

She’s interested in doing massage, but doesn’t have the time or money to study in a long training program. 

This is so sad for Gina. She knows she would be great at massage. Her family and friends love her shoulder massages. She has a natural ability to make people feel better.

However, traditional massage training is so expensive.

Gina and her husband Danilo have two young children. They both work hard at full-time jobs, but they want a little extra money for a family vacation and maybe a nicer apartment some day. 

Gina also thinks that massage training will help her get better jobs in caregiving.

However, her friend, Dalisay, had a great idea:

Let’s train online in chair massage!

Dalisay thought it would be perfect for her and Gina.

Dalisay said they could be trained and certified in chair massage very quickly (in less than 30 days). Also, the training costs much, much less than a table massage program.

Dalisay said, “A Canadian company trains people around the world, online!  We can train 100% online, on our own schedule, at home! We can learn the chair massage routines step-by-step with videos.”

Gina asked, “How does the instructor evaluate us?”

“We video ourselves doing the massages on volunteers. We upload our videos, then our instructor gives us feedback.”

“Yes, look!  We can study at home, and the tuition is affordable!”

“And best of all, we get a certification upon graduation. It would look good on our resumes. It could help us if we go abroad to work.”

Gina was excited to find the solution she needed. She could train at home after work, get a certificate, and start improving her family’s money situation right away!

Gina went online and clicked the blue button below to learn more about applying for the course: